The Norfolk branch covers the Norfolk Area being based in Norwich. CMA welcome all motorcyclists or anyone interested in the work of the CMA. We look forward to meeting you at many of the local events. We meet once a month,

• First Thursday in the month: Branch Meeting at 7 p.m. at 94 Welsford Road Norwich NR4 6QH

•We are always looking for other Born again motorcyclists.

We have ride outs and have fun as a group. We are always looking for churches and places for us to speak about our life with Jesus and share that experience with others, whether they ride motorbikes or not.


IoM 2014


Ronnie and Joey


Sorry, no contact information is available on-line.


We have a gallery of pictures of Norfolk branch activities.


Thats my King
Thats my King
Biker Pilgrimage
I am riding around Norfolk follow my blog here
GodTube of the EMC Rally
Riding for Jesus Pray for Europe
Rocket III how it was made
Rocket III how it was made
Hands of God
Hands of God Amazing
RNLI Worth knowing about
Check out the RNLI this is the life line if you ever get into difficulty around the coast line of the UK Ken and Family were invited to tour Cromer and see the The Tamar class lifeboat is the RNLI's latest design and will gradually replace the Tyne class. It is bigger and faster than the Tyne and can be launched from a slipway or lie afloat. The Tamar includes the computerised Systems and Information Management System (SIMS) that enables crew to control many of the lifeboat's functions remotely from the safety of their seats. Other features include advanced ergonomics, that reduce the impact on the crew as the lifeboat crashes through waves, and a powered Y boat stored behind a transom door to allow immediate deployment. The first Tamar went on station at Tenby in Wales in 2006. then to Happisburgh North Norfolk to see one of the inflatable lifeboats although still able to go out about 20 miles and just recently saved 7 divers off the north Norfolk coast. We were then taken to Great Yarmouth to see the Coast Guard facilities and the way they co-ordinate rescues in a very wide area along the North Norfolk coast line. A fascinating day.
Lifehouse's Everything Skit
Remember the eating forbidden fruit well watch this is awesome
HM Coast Guard
Working in conjunction with the Lifeboats an inmportant part of UK coastal protection. Coastguard History Today's Officers of Her Majesty's Coastguard are benefitting from nearly two centuries of maritime experience of their predecessors. Many changes have taken place over the years and Coastguard co-ordination centres of the 21st century have been transformed by new technology. HM Coastguard's role is now clearly focussed on search and rescue at sea and the prevention of maritime incidents through education and the promotion of safety.
Riders for Health
Take time to view this site
Norfolk Branch page
For all norfolk events look at RSS Feed or the events on the Norfolk site
The National Rally 2006 Picture montage
The National Rally 2006 at Hollybush some pictures many taken inside showing the band, the play, and the congragation. Also pictures of of some our our guests.
ALT-BERG The Name for motorcycle boots. Look at the web site to see the range of boots available. A great Tradition of British Bootmaking
National Rally 2006 pictures and others
National Rally 2006 over 150 photos taken at the 2006 at Hollybush Yorkshire this give a flavour of a weekend at a CMA rally. Its from a Thursday to Sunday PM, and there are many activities from Kids work, prayer,praise and worship, ride outs and much more.

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