These are the rules of the CMA, which are used in conjunction with our Charity Constitution, as amended by the 2011 AGM. The rules may be downloaded as a Word document here.



  1. Statement of faith
  2. Prayer
  3. Membership
  4. Discipline
  5. National Posts
  6. Local Branches
  7. Finance
  8. National Board Meetings (clause deleted at 2008 AGM)
  9. Annual General Meeting
  10. Health and Safety

1. Statement of Faith

We believe that God exists as three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He created us to live in perfect relationship with Him. We believe that all mankind have turned away from Him and "sinned" - fallen short of His perfect standards.

We believe that God sent His Son Jesus to live in human form on earth. He was born to a virgin, lived a perfect sinless life, died on a cross, came back to life and went up into heaven. His death was the punishment we should have had.

We believe that, if we turn away from our sin and ask God for forgiveness, He will forgive us and accept us as His children.

We believe that the Holy Spirit lives within us.

We believe that the Bible is true and is God's word to us - it is our guide to living our lives.

We believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour and that He will return one day to judge everyone, and then reign in glory.

We believe that we should tell others the good news about eternal life through Jesus Christ. We believe that we should continue Jesus' work of baptising, and should share bread and wine (communion) in His name so that we remember His death and resurrection.

2. Prayer

At all gatherings of the Association time shall be spent in prayer. This shall be fundamental to the Association's activities.

3. Membership

Applicants for Membership must be able to provide adequate testimony to their faith, have completed a basic Bible study deemed suitable by the National Executive, and have an active interest in motorcycling. The Chairman will then accept the Membership by signing the form before passing it on for processing. The Chairman may authorise another Member to perform this task. The branch Chairman's own membership forms should be signed by another branch official. The National Executive has the right to refuse any membership application or renewal.

No member may belong to with any secret society or group. No Branch or National official may hold an official post in any other motorcycle organisation other than as a representative of the Association or by dispensation of the National Chairman and three members of the National Executive.

The National Executive may grant or rescind Member Organisation status to another Christian organisation whose aims are consistent with those of the CMA. The sole rights of members of a Member Organisation will be:

The Association's patches are available only to Members but they are only on loan and therefore remain the property of the CMA. If required they must be returned. A deposit is payable, which is not refundable. The patch may not be worn alongside any material that is not honouring to the name of Christ. In the event of a dispute the National Chairman's decision is final.

A copy of both the Association's magazine and prayer newsletter will be provided to members and affiliates.

No member or supporter may consume alcohol whilst wearing CMA. regalia or attending an official event. No member or supporter may smoke whilst on a CMA. stand.

With his or her permission, an individual's membership data may be stored on a computer. The data held will only be disclosed for the following purposes unless specifically requested or consented to by the individual:

4. Discipline

If at any time there is a dispute between individuals it is important that this is dealt with immediately in order to keep unity and fellowship within the association. The following steps are to be taken:

When dealing with a breach of Scriptural or Association rules this too is best dealt with through the branch leadership, and the National Executive if necessary. If, after meeting with those involved, the problem cannot be resolved then as a last resort the individual may be asked to leave the Association.

When an individual is asked to leave for the reasons given above, the Association will contact that individual’s Church leadership to explain why. This is to enable follow-up, for the individual involved, in a "home Church" situation.

5. National Posts

National Officers: Shall be whatever other National posts the National Executive deems necessary for the day-to-day running of the Association.

6. Local Branches

Branches may be opened and closed at an AGM or EGM. Every branch shall have a Chairman and it is desirable that they should have a secretary and treasurer. Branches may also elect further officers, but all branch officers must be members. The branch Chairman's own membership forms should be signed by another branch official.

Nominations for branch Chairman shall be submitted to the National Executive for approval before local voting.

All branch activities must be appropriate to the aims of the Association. It shall be the Chairman's responsibility to ensure that a suitable programme of activities is organised for their area.

Branch officials shall ensure that everyone within their local branch is kept fully informed about all local, regional and national meetings. Branch officials shall ensure that an up-to-date programme of local activities is posted on the CMA. website.

Branch officials shall ensure that everyone within their local branch is kept informed of all relevant information circulated by the National Executive of National Officials.

7. Finance

All bank accounts held by the Association shall be approved by the National Executive and be in the name of the ‘Christian Motorcyclists' Association ... Branch’. An independent audit must be carried out at national level, at the end of each financial year, of all the Association's accounts.

8. National Board Meetings (Clause deleted at 2008 AGM)

9. Annual General Meeting

A majority vote carries, except in the case of alterations to the rules, where a two-thirds majority is required of those members present and voting.

10. Health and Safety

The Association will take all reasonable precautions available to safeguard the health and safety of the whole membership, and people coming into contact with them. At all times individuals should be aware of the risks to themselves and others. It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that safe practices are being observed at all times, and that any dangerous or potentially dangerous situations are brought immediately to the attention of the Chairman or appropriate individual leading the activity.

The use of motorcycles and other vehicles should always be conducted with consideration for the safety of other people and property. The Association takes no responsibility for the actions of any individual using vehicles. Individuals should not give rides or perform on motorcycles for anyone who is in attendance at an Association function; any individual ignoring this takes full personal responsibility for any eventuality. Individuals are asked to be very careful if minors (under 18 years old) are present and around motorcycles. The safety of the minor is the responsibility of both parent and motorcycle owner.

The CMA. will not accept any liability. Should there be an incident or unresolved potential situation, this should immediately be brought to the attention of the National Executive. If in doubt about the health and safety implications of any forthcoming event, individuals should check with a member of the National Executive, who if necessary will consult the Association's insurers.

Anyone who calls out to the Lord for help will be saved.
Romans 10 v 13